September 2008

More than 1 million people chose to take IELTS over the past year – growth driven by university entrance requirements, new immigration policies and professional recognition throughout the English-speaking world.

Just over half of those taking the test (51%) do so because they wish to enter higher education in a foreign country. An increasing number of these candidates are doing so to study in the USA with more than 1,700 universities and colleges (including Harvard and Yale) accepting IELTS scores.

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kallia Katsampoxaki


The organizing committee of the LSP Crete 2009 International Conference at the University of Crete would like to announce the scholars who submitted successful papers.

In the conference site, you may find names, titles and abstracts featuring in the forthcoming programme.

The date of the conference is February 7 and 8, 2009 and early registration ends in December 2, 2008. Please check the website for presenting authors and registration here:

Dear all,

I feel the need to say ‘a big thank you’ for trusting me and appointing me as the new EPAFI Chair. We, the “Omadara”, as Mrs Aggelidaki called the EPAFI Board, together with our distinguished and hard working school advisors, promise to do our best, support our colleagues, continue to offer and promote innovative teaching ideas to enhance State EFL teaching with unceasing  efforts. I believe we are all ready, refreshed and relaxed after the summer holiday, to experiment on novel ideas and expand our knowledge.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at our forthcoming events.

Papaioannou-Gioglou Maria


Graphic organisers provide the learner with an alternative way of thinking and perceiving the world. They have multiple uses and functions other than just describing, classifying and sequencing.

Analytical and creative thinking can also be developed. Students may compare and contrast information, define the cause and effects of an event, improve their decision making. techniques. To read an interesting article about Graphic Organizers and find useful examples, resources and activities you may use in your classroom ,please read Steve Darn’s article. I found it quite thought-provoking and motivating.

Kallia Katsampoxaki

Please note that the registration deadline for those interested in sitting the KPG exam in November is September 26.

For more information, please visit the Secondary Board of Heraklion site.

The new Board members of EPAFI conducted the first meeting today and allocated the roles and responsibilities of each member for the next two years. The former Secretary’s proposal got unanimous agreement so the Next Board consists of:

  • Maria Papaioannou-Gioglou as the Chair
  • Maria Protogeraki as the Vice Chair
  • Michael Tourabelis as the Secretary
  • Dimitra Tsolakidou as the Treasurer and
  • Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts as a Member

The New Board would like to sincerely thank the old Board for the rewarding and exciting time spent throughout the two years appreciating all the efforts and hard work generously put towards what we can proudly call the EPAFI calendar of events.

The New Board also defined the objectives and desired outcomes for the next two years and is looking forward to an even more exciting, educating and rewarding series of EPAFI events.

A group of fifteen EFL teachers prepared to attend a seminar on “Blogs in the EFL classroom” were in turmoil today over the computer room availability. The group and the trainer were asked and then told to move to another room without internet access or PCs, obviously not a computer lab – to cover topics related to NEW TECHNOLOGIES.
As a result the trainer refused to deliver the seminar unless there was a computer room provided. Both the trainer and the trainees were frustrated as there were provided with no working solutions.
It was not until the trainer suggested that they should all move to the local University premises and use their computer lab so as not to waste the day.
Despite the frustration and the hustle of driving to another place, the seminar took place and all fifteen trainees were happy to learn how to create a blog and possible blog applications in the classroom.
What can I say about this? Is this what I should expect living in Greece? Does this sort of thing happen elsewhere? Is this really NEW technologies?
Anyway, what else can I do but quote Shakespeare. All’s well that ends well.
Kallia Katsampoxaki

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