Dimitra Kourbelli, a really enthusiastic EFL teacher at the High School of Tympaki presented today the process she went through in order for the school project “Calendar 2008” to be accomplished! She designed and delivered lessons so that she could provide a real life learning purpose for her pupils. After three weeks of project-oriented lessons, a joint decision over the theme of the project was made by teacher and students alike. Despite the monetary and time constraints, twelve European capitals featured in their calendar. Geographic and cultural elements were also thrown in to make it even more interesting! The money raised was given for a good cause. More than 500 € was offered to the non-profit organisation “Smile of a Child”, an international center for missing and exploited children. According to Dimitra, this was a journey worth taking not only because it was a highly collaborative learning method. it was also the feeling of shared success that transformed the students’ attitude towards the completion of collaborative activities which made an impact.