We would like to invite you to join a newly founded scientific association of English teachers in Heraklion (E.P.A.F.I.) and participate in events that aim at enhancing our EFL teaching profile and practices.

The EFL Teachers Association in Heraklion is a non-profit scientific organisation dedicated to the improvement and expansion of Teaching English as a Foreign Language at all levels of instruction. It is an individual membership organisation consisting of in-service and pre-service English teachers at primary, secondary and university level.

With the aim of teacher development of local EFL practitioners, we run a varied range of seminars, conferences and training courses tailored to our member’s professional needs. We not only aim to keep updated with the latest methodological advances but we also help members integrate NEW Technologies into their classrooms. English for Young learners, English for Specific purposes and English using drama and literature are some of topics attracting considerable attention.

In the site, you will find a vast array of information relating to the educational news, research news, trends in other European countries, announcements of upcoming events, members’ brief descriptions of lesson plans and EFL classroom tips, a thorough list of EFL Teaching Methodology books recommended for ASEP examinees, useful general education sites and really interesting EFL sites.

Please feel free to comment on the posts anonymously, or even write your own post requesting to be published in the site!

We look forward to seeing you in one of the forthcoming EPAFI events!