The new Board members of EPAFI conducted the first meeting today and allocated the roles and responsibilities of each member for the next two years. The former Secretary’s proposal got unanimous agreement so the Next Board consists of:

  • Maria Papaioannou-Gioglou as the Chair
  • Maria Protogeraki as the Vice Chair
  • Michael Tourabelis as the Secretary
  • Dimitra Tsolakidou as the Treasurer and
  • Kallia Katsampoxaki-Hodgetts as a Member

The New Board would like to sincerely thank the old Board for the rewarding and exciting time spent throughout the two years appreciating all the efforts and hard work generously put towards what we can proudly call the EPAFI calendar of events.

The New Board also defined the objectives and desired outcomes for the next two years and is looking forward to an even more exciting, educating and rewarding series of EPAFI events.