Prepare to adopt this ‘pet’ which will definitely satisfy every wish of yours! What I am talking about is not a common animal, as you can imagine, but an actual… toolbar which works in Microsoft office as soon as you download the Teacher’s Pet from and follow the exact guidelines set out by Christopher Lacey, the developer of this programme.

This extraordinary ‘pet’ can work miracles for you and your students, as it can perform a huge list of ‘Macros’, that is pre-recorded sets of actions which you can then perform at the click of a button at another time. Likewise, the Teacher’s Pet can, by a simple click, remove or replace specified words from a given text, highlight problem sounds, remove the punctuation, to name but a few. Therefore, you can use this toolbar to turn specific texts or sentences into activities which suit the purposes of your lesson!

Only few of the Macros that this programme can perform are the Verb Form Test Maker, Simple Crossword Maker, Single-sided or Double-sided Flashcard Maker, Sentence Breaker, Jumble a Word/ a sentence/ a list and many more! At you’ll also find a unique Teaching Resource Search Tool with which you can locate dictionaries, flashcards, lesson plans or whatever you wish on the Internet. Try it out and feel free to send an email to me at to let me know how this worked for you.

Christina Markoulaki, EPAFI Member and teacher in ‘Markaki Maria’ private language school, Knossos Ave.