A group of fifteen EFL teachers prepared to attend a seminar on “Blogs in the EFL classroom” were in turmoil today over the computer room availability. The group and the trainer were asked and then told to move to another room without internet access or PCs, obviously not a computer lab – to cover topics related to NEW TECHNOLOGIES.
As a result the trainer refused to deliver the seminar unless there was a computer room provided. Both the trainer and the trainees were frustrated as there were provided with no working solutions.
It was not until the trainer suggested that they should all move to the local University premises and use their computer lab so as not to waste the day.
Despite the frustration and the hustle of driving to another place, the seminar took place and all fifteen trainees were happy to learn how to create a blog and possible blog applications in the classroom.
What can I say about this? Is this what I should expect living in Greece? Does this sort of thing happen elsewhere? Is this really NEW technologies?
Anyway, what else can I do but quote Shakespeare. All’s well that ends well.
Kallia Katsampoxaki