The EPAFI Board would like to thank the 100 pupils and their EFL teachers who participated in the writing competition.

Successful entries were announced on Saturday 29th March at the 2nd General Lyceum of Heraklion and certificates of commendation and prizes were awarded during the School Advisors Workshops on May 6th, 7th and 13th.

Students can claim their prizes from their teachers. Students who took an envelope they are kindly requested to take this to the corresponding sponsor and claim their prize.
Student entries that stood out were:

For the posters:

  • Simeonidi Athanasia (Peiramatiko B1)
  • A big poster with loads of drawings but no student names (Primary School EFL teacher:Petsa Katerina)
  • Danay Mamalaki – Student of Markaki-Markoylaki Private EFL School
  • Dimitris Koutsaidis (Peiramatiko)

For the topic “Imagine you are a reporter”

  • Kyriakoula Tzortzopoulou 1st Senior High School
  • Katerina Kalaitzaki 1st Senior High School
  • Eleni Stefanaki 1st Senior High School

For the topic “Imagine there were no forests”

  • Christina Tsiknaki 1st Senior High School
  • Angeliki Tzika 3rd Senior High School
  • Elpiniki Marinaki 54th Primary School
  • Nicos Tsamandouras 1st Senior High School
  • Manolis Veredourakis 1st Junior High school

For the proposal

  • Crystallenia Fiorentzi 1st Senior High School

For the poem

  • Kallia Karpathiotaki, Senior High School, Moires.

Congratulations to all the students (and their teachers) for writing for such a good cause!
If you wish your posters or piece of writing to be returned to you, please feel free to email the EPAFI BOARD Secretary.