Yes, it could be true that ,in Greece, technology has not been exploited to the extent it should have been, especially when it comes to teaching and learning. Let us all make a collective effort to reverse this situation by employing new technologies in our classrooms, which will not only intrigue students’ interest, but also pave the way for a radical change in our mentality as well as ways of perceiving new information.

Since I have got several blogs myself, these are the links to some of my latest posts
regarding technology and its integration in our teaching practices:

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4) Useful sites for vocabulary and composition planning

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In each post, you will find a description of the corresponding site or my personal comments on the topic. You will also get the chance to see how using technology has worked in my classroom.

The fact that four of my C’ Class students returned home and created their own glogs, after we created one in class to celebrate Halloween (see link 3), makes the whole of my effort worthwhile and motivates me to add even more ‘spice’ in my lessons through the Internet use. As I see it, this is the sole reward that each teacher gets, thus feeling the urge to share these ideas with you.

I am confident that the most of you have similar experience, so feel free to write to me
about it at xmarkoulaki  @   hotmail.   com

Christina Markoulaki, EPAFI Member and teacher in ‘Maria Markaki-Markoulaki’ private language school (14 Knossou Avenue)