On January 25, at 11.00, EPAFI members organise two workshops on

Drama Techniques and E.L.T.’ by Maria Protogeraki (20′) and Poetry Reading by Natalie Ventura( 30′).

After the event (at about 12.oo), we will walk down to Venetto Cafe (near Lato Hotel), have coffee and cut the cake.

The workshop will take place at the  Hellenic Photographic Society* of Crete.

It is in 11 Katexaki Str ( street parallel to 1821 str.)

We are really looking forward to seeing all of you at 11.00 a.m.

*Κατεχακη 11 στην αιθ της ΕΦΕ Κρητης (Ελληνικη Φωτογραφικη Εταιρια)  Παραλληλος με τη 1821 βγαζει στον Αγ Μηνα.