Forty four colleagues attended the workshops, most of them admitting that they really helped them overcome fears of how we can “tame the monster” of technology. Many teachers also said they were really satisfied with the content and felt it is worth having more training sessions like it.

How would you rate the workshops? Were they useful? Were they interesting? Would you be able to apply some of the suggested ideas and practices into your own class?Please write a comment.

Date: Saturday 7th MARCH 2009 at 9.45

Venue: * 11th Lyceum, 64 Papapetrou Gavala str. Heraklion. 11o Λύκειο, Παπαπέτρου Γαβαλά 64 (2810-234876)

The programme included:

10.00 Opening Speech by Maria Papaioannou (EPAFI Chair)

10.10 -11.30 ‘U-tube in the Language Classroom’ presented by Michael Tourabelis

11.30 -12.50 “‘Using web-logs in the EFL class’ presented by Christina Markoulaki

13.15 -14.00  “How to set up a Moodle course” by Anne McKay