Sign up your school until March 17 and protect the environment!

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states in its reports that the planet earth is getting warmer because of human activity. Pupils need wide competencies to meet the challenges of sustainable development – including climate change. The CO2nnect activities are designed to support learning that can provide pupils with abilities, skills, attitudes and awareness as well as knowledge and understanding of the issues.

The activities can easily be adapted to a range of age groups and linked to the curricula of many subjects.

* Investigate CO2 emissions from travel to school

* Share the findings using an international database

* Compare and discuss CO2 emissions * Submit questions to a climate- and transport expert

* Partner with other schools

* Meet with people in your community to discuss emissions from transport

* Generate and share ideas on how to reduce CO2 emissions

* Take part in a CO2nnect school competition, linked to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009

Sign up for the campaign and join other schools around the world.

Eleni Poulla,

School Advisor