Dear teachers,

As you all know assessment is a widespread – if not intrinsic – feature of most language teaching programs worldwide. This has resulted in the introduction of teacher-conducted assessments used as a basis for reporting learners’ progress and achievement against national standards (Brindley, 1997). However, relatively little is known about how teachers are dealing with these demands in their daily teaching practice.

This study is in the area of language testing and assessment and aims at finding out about state school EFL teachers’ methods, practices and training needs in student assessment around Europe. So far 370 teachers have filled in a questionnaire in Greece the results of which have been presented at the 5th Annual Conference of the European Association of Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA), Hellenic American Union, Athens,

More recently, a similar study has been completed in state schools in Cyprus, the results of which were recently reported at the 6th Annual Conference of the European Association of Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA), Turku, Finland In Cyprus, state school teachers were kind enough to provide us with samples of the tests they use. We actually managed to collect 262 samples.

I am now in the process of collecting test samples from Greek EFL state school teachers and would like to kindly ask you to send me as many samples as you can either electronically to my email address or in hard copies to my home address (see below). These tests could be any of the following: placement, diagnostic, progress, achievement etc. The tests you will send me will be treated anonymously and information will remain confidential and will be used only for the purposes of this study. It is hoped that the results obtained will be of value to educators like you and to researchers engaged in this area of research. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Thank you again


Dina Tsagari, PhD

34 Iou street  Agios Georgios, Laggoura Patras, 26335