Dear EPAFI Association Members

My name is Dina Tsagari (Lecturer at the Hellenic Open Uni and Uni of Cyprus) and am conducting research on the effectiveness of the new EFL coursebooks

I would be grateful if you could put up the following request for participation in the survey I am conducting on the EPAFI Website and/or send it by email to your members.

I would like to kindly ask you to take part in the present study which aims at evaluating the new EFL coursebooks that were introduced in state school education last September.

I would be grateful if you clicked on the following link

and spend some minutes to fill in the questionnaire (this coming week if at all possible).

When you answer the questionnaire, you will realize that only specific aspects of the coursebooks (Student´s Book) are evaluated as it would have been impossible to evaluate everything. However, if you wish to make extra comments about coursebook aspects that you find important, there is space in the questionnaire to voice your views. Needless to say that your answers will be kept anonymous.

The results of the questionnaire will provide an impetus for discussion and dissemination of the effectiveness of the coursebooks and make recommendations for future revisions and improvement.

Do send the link to other colleagues too!!

Thanking you ALL in advance!!!


Dina Tsagari, Dr

Hellenic Open University

Department of English Studies
University of Cyprus
75 Kallipoleos Street
P.O. Box 20537
1678 Nicosia

Office – 00357- 22892120

Fax: 00357 2275 0310