February 2011

The new Board members of EPAFI conducted the first meeting yesterday and allocated the roles and responsibilities of each member for the next two years. The New Board consists of:

* Dimitra Tsolakidou as the Chair

* George Fanourakis as the Vice Chair

* Maria Protogeraki as the Secretary

* Maria Papioannou-Gioglou as the Treasurer

* Pahiadaki Eleftheria as a Member (for 2011)

* Vivi Vlazaki as a Member (for 2012)

Appreciating all the efforts and hard work generously put so far b the previous board, the new board would like to sincerely thank them and all EPAFI members for the  exciting time spent throughout the two years.  The New Board also defined and set new revised objectives and target outcomes for the next two years and is looking forward to an even more educating and rewarding series of EPAFI events.


εκλογες 2011 διορ

Dear EPAFI members,

We are happy to announce that the next workshops will take place on Saturday, February 19th at 9.30 in 8th Elementary School of Heraklion Taxiarhou Markopoulou 8 (near Ag. Minas) together with the elections for the new EPAFI board.

The speaker of the first workshop is Ms. Sarah Antrobus, Nursery School teacher at the European School (MA Education) who will be keeping us on our feet with hands-on activities for pre-school learners. This workshop will be particularly interesting for primary school teachers who intend to teach spoken English to young learners in the first year of primary school.

After Sarah, Lefteris Parthenakis will be giving a demonstration of Interactive whiteboards and how they can be used in the ELT context.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all there on Saturday. See the programme here ΗΜΕΡΙΔΑ E.Π.Α.Φ.Η & ΕΚΛΟΓΕΣ 2011

all the best,

Kallia K-H

International conference