In this section you may find information on ELT resource booksfor the ASEP
exam, past papers on the ASEP PE06 exam and pastpapers on KPG and
Panhellenic Exams.

Recommended Resource Books: (esp. for Asep exam)

  • Basturkmen H., (2006), Ideas and options in English for Specific purposes, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
  • Blum, (1998), Surviving and succeeding in Difficult Language Classroom, Cambridge
  • Cross, D. (1995) Large classes in action, Hemel Hempstead.
  • Dudley-Evans, T. (1998). Developments in English for Specific Purposes: A multi-disciplinary approach. Cambridge University Press.
  • Gerrrickens, P. (1999), The feedback game, Aldershot.
  • Harmer J. (2002) How to Teach English, Longman
  • Harmer, J. (2001), The practice of English Language Teaching, Longman.
  • Hutchinson T., (1998), English for Specific Purposes (Cambridge Language Teaching Library)
  • Jordan, (1993), English for Academic Purposes: A Guide and Resource Book for Teachers (Cambridge Language Teaching Library)
  • Ur P. (1998) A course in language teaching, Cambridge university press
  • Woodward, T. (2001) Planning Lesson and Courses, Cambridge.

KPG Past papers: Click here

ASEP PE06 Past papers:

1. Γνωστικό ΑΣΕΠ (ΠΕ06) – Practice test- edupunk GNOSTIKO by Michalis Tourabelis

Panhellenic exams Past papers







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